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Diana & Ionuț » Wedding, Teleki Castle (Mureș)

It’s almost impossible to convey the entire roller-coaster of emotions named ‘wedding’ in a handful of images, no matter how good they may be, so narrowing down a relevant selection is one of the hardest parts of the job. That being said, the following text is a rant of sorts, but it summarizes our photographic approach of the big day.

Most selections we see on the internet seem to be full of love and romance. But is this an accurate description of a wedding? Or is it just what photographers think is the way the bride and groom would want to see themselves in the images they receive? We are firm believers that a wedding photographer should approach things similar to a court typist, who simply transcribes what’s being said. Of course, photography is (still) considered an art and therefore there’s always going to be the subjective touch of each photographer on the delivered images. Nevertheless, interfering with the scene or moment is nothing more than a personal choice. We choose not to.

Back to the question… in question. Is a wedding all about romance? We don’t think it is. Because beyond all the romantic images and kind words, there’s a lot of stress in arranging a wedding party, even for those who use wedding planners. Not everything goes according to plan and not everything can be fixed on the fly. So there are a lot of variables in this equation that could nearly ruin the day for the groom and, even more so, the bride, who already are stressed out by the importance of the event. Let’s not forget that almost all the ladies dream of a wedding to remember (this implies all things going according to plan).

Ever met a bride all stressed out on her wedding day? Ever met a bride saying that her wedding is going to be an awful disaster? We did and it’s a real, genuine part of the emotional roller-coaster (almost) every bride (and sometimes the grooms) embark on the wedding day. Perhaps this is the main reason we choose to show all sides of the story, as good as we can. And also one of the reasons we don’t do the usual mid-wedding photo session, unless it’s something out of the ordinary. Of course, this doesn’t mean this is the right way but it’s what floats our boat. Besides, there is no right or wrong way to do this as everything is purely a matter of choice, taste or feeling.


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